Dr. Marina Töpfer

Dr. Marina Töpfer

Dr. Marina Töpfer

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Curriculum Vitae

Marina Töpfer studied Economics and Social Sciences between 2009 and 2012 at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano. She graduated with a Masters‘ degree in Economics (M.Sc.) from the University of Hohenheim and a Masters‘ degree in Economics, Finance and International Integration (L.M.) from the University of Pavia (2012-2014; HERMES double degree program). From August 2014 to September 2017, she worked as a researcher at the University of Hohenheim, where she was engaged in her dissertation project Recent Developments in Gender Differences in Pay until July, 2017. She obtained a scholarship from the Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg and the thematic network Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Finance and was successfully engaged in the doctoral program in Economics at the University of Hohenheim. Since October 2017, Ms Töpfer has been working at the chair of Labour and Regional Economics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.


Empirical Labour Economics (Empirische Arbeitsmarktforschung)
Labour Market Seminar (Arbeitsmarkt-Seminar)
Class Labour Economics (Übung Arbeitsmarktökonomie)
Class Labor and Personnel Economics (Übung Labor and Personnel Economics)

Research interests

Applied microeconometrics, empirical labour economics, gender economics


I. Articles in refereed Journals

„The Age Pay Gap and Labor Market Heterogeneity: A New Empirical Approach Using Data for Italy“, in: LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations – first published online (other version: Discussion Paper 105, July 2018)

„Honours as a Signal – Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in Italy“, in: Economics Bulletin, 39/1 (2019): 1-7

„Overeducation and the Gender Pay Gap in Italy“, in: International Journal of Manpower, 39/5 (2018): 710-730 (with C. Castagnetti and L. Rosti)

II. Recent discussion papers

„Assessing Changes in Wage Gaps: A New Approach“, DEM Working Paper Series, 170-2019 (with C. Castagnetti und L. Rosti)

„Discriminate Me – if You Can! The Disappearance of the Gender Pay Gap among Public-Contest Selected Employees“, Discussion Paper 103, February 2018 (with C. Castagnetti and L. Rosti)

„Detailed RIF Decomposition with Selection-The Gender Pay Gap in Italy“, Hohenheim Discussion Papers in Business, Economics and Social Sciences, 26-2017